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INTERNET SPECIAL (SEE RATES AND FEE'S TAB, Interchange Plus 5 Basis Points and 5 Cents A Transaction

"Interchange Fee's, Interchange Plus, Interchange Cost Plus" the ONLY way to do a TRUE comparison is with
Visa / MasterCard published rates. Do you do 100,000 transactions a month? Do you qualify for interchange plus 5 & 5?
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Interchange fees, interchange plus pricing, cost plus pricing and interchange pass-through pricing are defined as the practice of pricing a merchant the exact interchange (Visa / MasterCard charges bank to bank plus assessment) with an added discount and transaction fee. Until recently only the largest of corporations were given the opportunity of this pricing, all other merchants have been under a blended or tiered program. by Harley Financial Services is here to help you receive the lowest rates possible. No more hidden fee's or guaranteed lowest prices, these ARE the lowest prices available to Merchants. Call us today at 1-918-307-0516 to discuss real processing rates.

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